Sen. Ossoff’s Push to Expand Valdosta On-Demand Passes Congress

Valdosta, Ga. –– Following his push earlier this month, U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff secured bipartisan support to expand the Valdosta On-Demand transit program.

Sen. Ossoff secured $993,000 to buy more vehicles for Valdosta On-Demand and ensure more Valdosta residents have access to safe, reliable public transit.

“I’ve heard so consistently from folks in the community that access to public transportation is a top priority, and that’s why I worked to expand access to the Valdosta On-Demand service for the residents of Valdosta,” Sen. Ossoff said.

“On behalf of myself, our City Council, City staff, and citizens of the City of Valdosta, we thank Sen. Ossoff for his support of our fully on-demand transit initiative,” Valdosta Mayor Scott Matheson said. “He and his fantastic team have insured that our citizens have access to health care, employment, and food, and this transit expansion will ensure greater quality-of-life for each and every one of us.”

“I am so happy and delighted that Sen. Ossoff has continuously demonstrated his support for Valdosta, Georgia, now with his bill to secure funding to expand our Valdosta on Demand transit. He said he would — and he is actually doing it.  I salute Sen. Jon Ossoff, a Senator who honors his word. It means so much to the people,” Valdosta Councilwoman Sandra Tooley said.

Sen. Ossoff inspected Valdosta On-Demand last May and has been a champion for public transit expansion in the U.S. Senate.

In November, President Biden signed into law Sen. Ossoff’s Local Transit Planning Support Act into law to boost funding for transit infrastructure in low-income and low-density areas.

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