Sen. Ossoff Working to Improve Mail Service in Georgia

Washington, D.C. –– U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is working to improve mail delivery times in Georgia, today securing a commitment from the nominee to be Commissioner of the Postal Regulatory Commission to investigate mail slowdowns in the Peach State.

Sen. Ossoff continues to press Biden Administration officials to solve mail delivery delays in Georgia. In April, he secured commitments from three USPS Board of Governors nominees to work with him to ensure timely delivery of mail across the state.

Click here to watch Sen. Ossoff’s line of questioning:

Sen. Ossoff questions in Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing.

Please find a transcript of the exchange below:

SEN. OSSOFF: “The level of frustration among Georgians about the delays in postal delivery are extremely high. The frustration is extremely high. So what steps, if confirmed, will you take please, sir, to accelerate the delivery of mail, ensure the timely delivery of mail and packages by USPS for the people of Georgia?”

MICHAEL KUBAYANDA: “Thank you, Senator, for the question. The commission has a really important role to play in the traditional divide between the Postal Service as they handle the direct operations and we handle oversight. That oversight and compliance responsibility has certainly increased in importance over the last couple of years with the increasing delays in mail service. As I mentioned earlier, we are implementing a number of measures around the use of data to increase our focus on service problems. This includes an open data effort that will allow us to kind of harness all the information that we have on the on the postal system, get it out in the hands of outside experts and analysts in machine-readable formats, which will, I think allow us to get better informed inputs about what’s going on in the postal system and, and improve our oversight, and I think will allow us to incrementally nudge that system forward and create some improved results. We’re also creating a small data analytics unit with a similar intent, to look at issues within the postal network. See if we can get to drill down on the root causes of what’s causing the delays. This builds on prior work that the Commission has done to identify pinch points in the network that are slowing down mail. I think this is an effort that we can scale up. There’s some interesting developments in the world of data analytics that I think we can take advantage of to become more sophisticated in that, and as I said, get better inputs from the public. Another way that we’re hoping to provide increased transparency and accountability is, I think, simplification of data and visualization of data. So we’re working on approaches such as dashboards, so your average consumer will be able to go to our website, view what’s going on in the postal network in an easily understandable way and improve transparency.”

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